I Need Help Trying to Sell My Car Online

Trying to sell my car

Need Help Trying to Sell Your Car?

There’s a difference between thinking about selling your car and actively trying to sell your car. Once you’ve reached the latter stage, you have already assessed all the pros and cons involved with selling your car. By now you should also have decided exactly how you want to sell your car – by means of a private sale, online advertisements, time consuming meet and greets with buyers who might not even take the car, or via a dealer. Chances are, selling your vehicle to a dealer ensures you’ll have a quicker sale and will therefore get your money a lot sooner. A dealer is also reputable and will pay on time – or, in the case of Cars for Cash, pay you immediately upon delivery of the vehicle.

How to sell your car online:
There are a few things you need to do in order to sell your car online:

1. Register online with a reputable company and list information that is specific to your vehicle.
(This is used to assess the value of your car)

  • Make
  • Model
  • Mileage
  • General vehicle condition
  • Repairs or modifications that have been done
  • Include pictures of your vehicle (inside and out)
  • Include a complete maintenance record for your vehicle

2. If you use a dealership, chances are they’ll make you an offer. Don’t accept or reject it immediately, consider the offer and see what suits you. Remember, don’t have extremely high expectations – generally the value of vehicles decreases as time goes by.

3. If you accept the offer, contact the dealership and arrange a place to drop of the vehicle and relevant paperwork (have a friend drive his or her car to the meeting point, walking home after selling your car is not fun)

  • Know your specific states laws and regulations when it comes to selling your vehicle
  • All the required paperwork needs to be with the car when you drop it off (most of it can be obtained at your local DMV)
    • A title transfer
    • Smog certification (this is not necessary in Florida but it still provides helpful and useful information)
    • A notice of sale
    • A bill of sale

    – Submit your bill of sale form to your local DMV within 30 days (this releases you from any and all liability incurred)

Things to remember when you sell a car online:

  • The condition and type of your car influences its price
    • Year
    • Make
    • Model number
    • Type

    – Certain cars are more in demand than others
    – Automatic vs. Manual
    – Compact vehicles vs. larger models

  • Higher mileage = lower resale value
  • Keep your car clean or get it professionally cleaned beforehand (the cleaner the better, especially if a prospective buyer is looking at it)

Aside from the fact that when you sell your car privately, there is a higher risk involved that you may be ripped-off or scammed, there is no guarantee that you’ll get the quick turnover you’re looking for. If you want a quick turnover for your car, selling online to a reputable dealer is the faster and more affordable option for you.


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