Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Selling Your Car

Selling My Car

FAQs About Selling Your Car

A new year has started and you feel you need a change in your life, maybe you need a puppy or a new TV or maybe you need to sell your old car and cash it in for a new one. However, advertising and meeting up with possible buyers can be a huge mission and consume so much of your valuable time that you could use more constructively. Go ahead and ask yourself this question, how do I go about selling my car faster and easier especially with my busy schedule? That’s one of the questions that go through all who want to sell their cars. Here are a few more questions and answers about selling your car.

What is the easiest and fastest way to sell my car?
There are the traditional ways of selling your car, through dealerships or placing personal ads. The dealership is probably the easiest, traditional way of selling your car but you’ll never get the amount of money you get compared to if you had sell it yourself. Placing ads and selling the car yourself is probably the best way of keeping the price where you want it, but this is a time consuming task, especially having to phone and meet people for test drives. Selling your car on the internet is an up and coming style of selling and is definitely the way to go when trying to sell your car yourself. It is so easy and you can get a better price than if you had to sell it to a dealership.

What do I need when trying to sell my car?
Whether you sell your car privately or through a dealer or online there are a few federal and state requirements you need to complete. Before selling your car you need to go to your local DMV office for a title transfer, smog certification, a release of liability or notice of sale and a bill of sale. When completing the vehicle title, you must make sure that all the information is correct and matches including an accurate odometer reading. If you are unsure about what exactly you need to sell your car in your state, get hold of your local DMV for more information.

Is it better to trade or sell my car?
Pros of selling your car: You will keep more cash than you would from trading it in. You can sell it over the internet the way it is and not need worry about your customizations. Selling it yourself, you can use any method you want to sell through.
Cons of selling your car: Selling your car yourself may take up a big part of your time, especially when it comes to getting all the paper work done to legally sell it yourself and finding (and dealing with) potential buyers.

Pros of trading in: it is the easiest and smoothest method with fewer tax issues. There is a quick transition from your old car to your new one.
Cons of trading your car in: Firstly, trading in your car will give you fewer options. Secondly, most dealers will take the value of your car as very low, especially if it’s old or a vintage car. Most values when trading in an old car are not set in stone.

Hopefully you have had most of your questions answered. If you are now ready to sell your car, try carsforcashstore.com for the quickest and easiest way to get cash for your car!


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