What Not To Do When I Want To Sell My Car

Sell my car

How Best To Sell My Car

How can I sell my car?
We all know that trying to sell your car can sometimes be a tedious and timeous experience; therefore having the right advice could save you time and money. It is important to realize that when you want to sell your car you won’t be the only one trying to sell, meaning that you will have some serious competition (unless of course you have something very special like a very rare or unique car). So when you want to sell your car you need to ensure that things such as presentation, mechanical condition, service history and financial position are high up on the list. Keeping all this information in mind will guarantee you a sale.

The Don’ts
It is most common for people who are trying to sell their cars to think about all the things they need to do in order to ensure a sell. However, sometimes knowing what not to do could give you that extra edge and guarantee you a better deal. Here is a list of things that I consider important not to do when trying to sell my car:

  • Do not give out false information – It is crucial that you do not give out false information; an example of this could be not disclosing the fact that your car was in an accident. Misrepresenting the condition, age, or miles may get you many interested “lookers” but you’ll waste your time and theirs if you mislead them by making the vehicle seem like something it’s not.
  • Do not randomly pick a number for its price – You have to be reasonable and realistic as to how much you can expect to get for the car. This is because, as the seller, you are not at liberty to demand any price and be assured that your pool of possible buyers will reduce considerably. By doing this you will just be wasting time.
  • Inform yourself – It is recommended that when you go to the dealership you have some sort of knowledge on how much cars similar to yours cost. Although it is extremely unlikely that a dealer wont have experience or knowledge of what your car would more or less cost, it could just make the bargaining process a little easier for both parties.
  • Do not sell your car with outstanding fees – A car with outstanding finance will not be able to be sold, this includes outstanding hire-purchase or conditional agreements. Therefore it is important that you make sure all the finances are in order.
  • Any transaction requires trust – do not be dishonest and unkind when wanting to sell your car, as there are thousand of other cars just like yours that want to be sold. Make it easier for buyers to want to buy your car.

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